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We design digital logic circuits, analogue sensing and amplification, signal acquisition, microcontoller implementation and so on.
We have experience with wireless data transmission, low and high power switching power supplies, battery powered and solar powered products and much more...

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SolarSounds user testimony

Lee B.

My son and I had great fun fiddling around with it and then playing along together (he was on guitar) over xmas, it is a really well thought out and interesting thing - much more musical that I imagined - unique and well done !

Matthew W.

  • I really like the variety and options. Was great to explore and experiment

  • Piano style layout of notes made it intuitive

  • Size is great. I had seen picture and expected it to be desk top, but it fits in your pocket

  • Ability to save loops is nice. Similar to synth so again intuitive

  • Solar panel is a great novelty, it had me chasing the sun around the house

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