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Delay squared is a unique FX processor that features 2 distinctive separately adjustable delays.

Those delays can be set to operate in series or in parallel depending on the position of the toggle switch.

This enables the device to have everything from rythmic repeats to reverb style delays.

Main feature is to wirelessly connect to any FM radio receiver whether it being in your home or in your car. It also allows for multiple radios to be tuned to the same frequency. The sound effect is distortion and it can produce some very hard rock/metal sounds when cranked all the way up.

This is a solar powered pocket size digital musical instrument!

With its 2 octave piano layout keyboard, it is very convenient and easy to play

and with a flick of a switch, it becomes a portable sun powered Theremin!

World's first solar powered pocket size digital musical instrument! 

It is a solar Theremin with note quantization feature!

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SiriusLab Electronics is a manufacturer of innovative electronical musical instruments and gear located in South-West United Kingdom.

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