This wireless battery powered pedal is ideal for summer travelling! It is also useful to play on the quiet late at night.. while practicing to the beat from your laptop/mp3 player!


Main feature is to wirelessly connect to any FM radio receiver whether it being in your home or in your car. It also allows for multiple radios to be tuned to the same frequency. The sound effect is distortion and it can produce some very hard rock/metal sounds when cranked all the way up.

The small pocket size enclosure packs other great functions like:

  • Integrated rechargeable lithium battery for maximum portability which can be charged from a standard 2.1mm 9V jack (centre positive) or from a USB charger using the supplied cable
  • Headphone/AUX audio output for discrete playing on the go
  • AUX input for combining a separate audio source with your guitar so that you can easily jam to your favourite beat
  • Second order low pass filter for truly cutting off the high frequencies
  • Peak detector for input and output so that you can keep your signal absolutely clean
  • 1 Mega ohm buffered input impedance
  • Low output impedance for driving long cables without any losses

This pedal is suitable for beginners because of its versatility that enables anyone to practice anywhere and not to be bounded by heavy and expensive equipment.

It is also suitable for advanced players as a final stage pedal which can act as a transmitter or headphone output/buffer.


The package comes with a USB charger cable and a suitable detachable SMA antenna used for the radio transmitter.

RFM Guitar pedal


    Dimensions: 68mm x 115mm x 50mm without antenna.

    Antenna length: 127mm.

    Mass: 250g.