This is a solar powered pocket size digital musical instrument!

With its 2 octave piano layout keyboard, it is very convenient and easy to play

and with a flick of a switch, it becomes a portable sun powered Theremin!


It is suitable for artists, musicians and beginners alike.

The tuning of the device is standard A4 = 440 Hz.


It does not use any batteries and is designed with minimalism and sustainability in mind.


Play it anytime anywhere while enjoying the sun!


Using the switch on the right hand side, the user can switch between two main modes of operation. One is called LINEAR and the other is NOTES. 


NOTES mode uses the standard piano keyboard layout for playing.

The device can play two notes at the same time. The notes start from C6 and end at B7.


LINEAR  mode makes the pitch linearly proportional to the amount of light hitting the solar panel. That means that more light makes higher pitch sound and less light produces lower frequency  sound. 

While in LINEAR mode you can press a note and play at the same time with the linear sound.


On the left hand side there is a VOLUME control that changes the volume in  2 levels - MAX for maximum and MIN for minimum.


To fully understand the device principal of operation and functions, go to our download page and take a look at the SolarSounds piano User guide.

SolarSounds piano


    Dimensions: 80mm x 56mm x 10mm

    Mass: 30g


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